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Squit (her foster family calls her Pidgie) was originally wild, which explains her behavior and coloring/markings (we think she is a blue checkered rock pigeon). So, to make captivity a bit more comfy, she has new perches (prefers the new a-frame the...
Rio and Zazoo are a pair of conures who are approx 4yrs old. We don't have confirmed DNA sexing on them, but their previous owner believed they were a male and female. They were surrendered into rescue when their previous owner could no ...
Cappy and Goldbug are an odd couple of incredibly bonded parrots looking for their forever home, together. Cappy is an eighteen year old black capped caique. Goldbug is a 14 yr old Meyers parrot. They have lived together their whole lives, and are in res...
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